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Gun Drawing

Thank you to everyone for supporting The Little Sportsmen for Kids! 

Important: Please read both the Legal and Terms & Conditions sections mid-way down this page before purchasing or inquiring to purchase a ticket. If you do not meet the criteria in these sections and have already purchased a ticket you will be responsible to sell the ticket on your own for up to, but not exceeding the face value printed on the ticket. By purchasing a ticket, I certify that I have read, understand, am in compliance and agree to all terms & conditions.

Charitable drawing to benefit The Montour County Sportsmen for Kids; endorsed by the Montour County Republican Committee.

The drawing will be held May 6th, 2023at the Danville Spring Fling. Winners need not be present to win. Winners will be contacted. However, winners must adhere the the contact agreement.

  • Must be on an iPhone, iPad or Mac to use the iCalendar link below
  • Add GOP Events & Elections subscription to your iCloud calendar


  • 500 tickets will be sold at $10 each; all sales are final
  • 3 firearms are in this drawing
  • 2 non-firearm prizes


Firearms in this Drawing

Firearms List - Download

Additional Prizes

  • 4th Prize       Ammo Inc. 115gr Signature 9mm TMC ammo -- Qty. 200 rounds
  •  5th Prize      $100 Amazon Gift Card

See the firearms in action under Resources 


  • If your winning ticket is drawn it will be removed from the drawing. Only 1 win per ticket
  • You are welcome to buy as many tickets as you desire!

Options to purchase:

  1. See or contact any GOP Committee officer member (preferred)
  2. See The Montour County Sportsmen for Kids leadership
  3. Visit SVF's Facebook page (very limited quantities)
  4. In-person at the Spring Fling (if any tickets remain)



By purchasing a ticket, I certify that I am


 Terms & Conditions:

  • Upon winning a firearm, I understand that I will be required fill out a Form 4473 at the FFL dealer, Susquehanna Valley Firearms, LLC, and subsequently submit myself to a national instant criminal background check system (NICS) and with the Pennsylvania State Police.
  • I must be approved by both NICS and the Pennsylvania State Police to be eligible to claim my prize(s).
  • All failed background checks will result in forfeiture of any and all prize(s) with no monetary value being awarded in lieu of the physical prize(s).
  • For the handgun/pistol prize winner, I am required to have a current Pennsylvania state-issued driver's license to claim my prize.
  • There are no refunds on the ticket purchase for a failed background check or for any other reason; all sales are final.
  • Contact agreement - All firearm prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the raffle drawing, or the prize(s) will be considered abandoned at that point, and thus, forfeited. The 30 day claim period will be suspended if contact is made with Susquehanna Valley Firearms, LLC within that period. Call them at (570) 817-9348 or stop in within the 30 day period. The last day to claim your prize(s) is at close of business (5pm) June 8th, 2023. Hours are subject to change: normal operating hours are: Tues-Sat 11AM-5PM



You may NOT purchase a ticket if you are an unlawful user of Marijuana, EVEN WITH A PENNSYLVANIA STATE-ISSUED DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH PATIENT CARD, as Marijuana is still considered a Schedule 1 illicit substance under The Controlled Substances Act and thus, remains prohibited by federal law.


Firearms Dealer Info:

Our FFL dealer for this drawing is Susquehanna Valley Firearms, LLC

Susquehanna Valley Firearms (SVF) is a veteran-owned and operated FFL/SOT dealer. SVF is the premier Class 3 SOT FFL dealer in the area. Stop in anytime to see their inventory or call give them a call at (570) 817-9348. The owner, Josh, and the rest of the SVF staff would be happy to assist you with all of your 2A needs!


  • Title I firearm sales
  • Gunsmithing
  • Repair
  • Trade-ins
  • Custom Builds
  • Cerakote
  • Full service gun shop; anything firearms or firearms related SVF can build, fix, or create!

NFA Items:

- Title II firearm sales

  • Machineguns (transferable)
  • SBR & SBS (Short-barreled Rifles and Shotguns)
  • Silencers/Suppressors
  • AOW (any other weapon)

Learn more: All about the NFA

In light of the landmark (6-3) Supreme Court Decision New York Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen we believe the NFA, in its' entirety, is unconstitutional. That said, until the laws change and courts relitigate past cases we must adhere to all NFA laws, rules and regulations. All NFA rules apply.


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    Thank you to Susquehanna Valley Firearms, LLC for generously donating the cost of the firearm transfer fee ($25 ea.) for all firearm winners in this drawing!

    A special thank you for supporting the Montour County GOP, The Montour County Sportsmen for Kids and being a resolute ambassador for the 2nd Amendment!


    Learn More: Firearms Safety

    See it in action S&W M&P 15 Sport II Rifle

    See it in action Glock 43X MOS (Optic-ready Pistol, Optic not included)

    See it in action Mossberg 590 Tactical Shotgun


    Pennsylvania state-issued Small Games of Chance license number: 202303

    Tax EIN 26-4306485


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